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Connecticut Spray foam Insulation Company. Residential Contractor. Open & Closed Cell Installer.

Thank you for visiting our site. If you stumbled here, you are most likely looking for a foam insulation installer in the state of Connecticut. We are located in South central Connecticut in the town of Milford. With over 15 years of combined spray foam industry experience, We are happy to be one of the first spray foam companies in the state of CT at the forefront helping to pioneer the new foam insulation technology. Having started my foam insulation career in early 2001 working in all aspects of the spray foam insulation field has led into the creation of MJL Associates LLC Spray foam insulation company & ctsprayfoaminsulation.com. In addition to doing installs, we also still hold training seminars for local spray foam insulation companies.


Specializing in all types of spray foam projects, particularly those requiring extra attention to detail. Myself & my team pride & dedicate ourselves on high quality customer service on all applications that involve working directly with homeowners and professional contractors alike. My services also include advice & guidance on the best application of foam insulation for your unique project & all applicable rebate programs currently available in the state of CT.





Foam Insulation Installer


Mike  Lieto



Mailing: P.O. Box 5011 Milford, CT 06460

 * Please Read Below Before contacting.* 


With the recent upsurge of foam insulation companies, I feel it is best to be upfront and transparent with any potential new clients. As such, I am a small operation. I personally wear most hats in the company. While I provide estimates free of charge to new clients, please understand my time and expenses (fuel ,etc...) that are involved with coming to view your project. If you are a new client in the process of shopping companies out for the cheapest price, We are most likely not the best candidate for your project. Our prices are not the lowest but certainly not the highest.


I charge industry standard fair market rates for me to make a living, to Guarantee to Absolutely not cut corners or offer inferior products or services to my clients all while paying my operating expenses and highly trained staff a great salary. A quick Google search will show that foam insulation is not a commodity like traditional batt insulation. There is a lot of moving parts associated with doing a good install. Not all foam installs are created equal. A lot of the unfortunate stories found on the web are undoubtedly more than likely due to unqualified installer error.


What we do provide is an impeccable, detail oriented job. Along with great customer service. We will only will take on one project at a time to be sure 110% of our time is spent doing the best possible job possible; Irregardless of the time taken to complete your project and only your project at the time of install. For us your unique & special project is not only our livelihood, but a tribute to our passion as a team of professional spray foam installers.